Randolph “Rand” Hilbrands and his family live in Mount Jackson, Shenandoah County, Virginia, where he is a prosperous merchant and property owner. His wife is named Amanda, but he often calls her “Mandy.” They have five daughters. Their ages are given as at the beginning of the American Civil War in 1861:

Mary – age 14
Ida – age 13
Sylvia – age 11
India – age 7
Eliza – born late in 1861

Rand and his family–especially Mary–play a large part during Gone for a Soldier and The Man from Shenandoah. In the second novel, they accompany the Owen Family to Colorado Territory. Rand and Amanda both show up in Spinster’s Folly; and Rand, Amanda, and Sylvia appear in Ride to Raton. Rand appears in one scene in Trail of Storms. Ida shows up in the Shenandoah Neighbors story, Bloodied Leather.