What’s Going On In My World?

Mended by Moonlight has reached over 27 thousand words. I hope to finish it soon.

My two-hour class at the ANWA Writers Conference in September went very well. Those who attended found the concepts I taught them to be freeing and empowering. The work they started was outstanding. I hope they continue writing on their new projects.

I attended a workshop in Oregon, which involved an epic road trip and filling my brain with so much information that it broke. I’ll report on the trip as soon as I’ve digested stuff so my brain works again.

In December, I’ll have a booth at the Mesa Book Festival. I invited my friend and fellow Payson author, Connie Cockrell, to share it with me. See below for more information.

Public Appearances for 2017

First Annual Mesa Book Festival

December 9th, 2017 2pm-8pm
Downtown Mesa, Macdonald St. between Main and 1st Ave.

Come find my booth at this inaugural festival of reading. Organized by Anthology, Inc., a Mesa, AZ, based literary non-profit organization, the Mesa Book Festival is intended to be the annual event to showcase the literary arts in the East Valley. Check the website for the scheduled events.

Recently Published

Scandalous, a short story in the “Owen Family” line, is meant to be read right after reading the novel Spinster’s Folly. It is currently available at Amazon as an ebook, and is free to subscribers to the KindleUnlimited program.

Bloodied Leather is a story in the new “Shenandoah Neighbors” companion books line, and is now available as an ebook.

That Tender Light, the origin story of the Owen family, is out in ebook formats only. It’s a sweet and tender novella.

The Checklist: Indie Publishing My Way is a nonfiction book for writers, and it’s available in both ebook and print editions.

Spinster’s Folly has a new cover.

The Complete Owen Family Saga is now available in print. It’s a massive book containing all five Saga novels.

Western Stories: Four Tales of the West is now in print with a new cover.

The Print edition of From Julia’s Kitchen: Owen Family Cookery  is now available. Click here for links.

#AmWriting – 2017

Due to an over-abundance of ADHD characteristics in my life, my writing schedule is somewhat fluid. It depends on too many factors to name, but it usually goes something like this: write, write, write, “Squirrel!!!

That keeps life interesting, and it means my writing production is subject to changes due to life events . . . and squirrels.

I try to keep up with your reading needs by periodically releasing new stuff or publishing older works in new formats, like print.

Ella Ruth has been cooperating with me, and the writing of Mended by Moonlight is going well. Ella Ruth Allen is a character in Gone for a Soldier. I’ve long wanted to give her a more hopeful outlook. Mended by Moonlight will be one of the tales in the companion pieces called Shenandoah Neighbors. It is written to be read following Gone for a Soldier.

When I finish writing Mended by Moonlight, the next project will likely be to write the second Promised Valley novel, which I think will be called The Mormon Battalion Trail. It will feature Paul Peters, a character from The Zion Trail, in an exciting adventure of his own. We’ll see what I do after that. It all depends on the characters in my head, and which ones are pleading for their story to be told next. Perhaps I’ll be able to begin work on a second “Men of Haught Springs” piece.

Wish me health and good cheer as I work to bring you stories containing Action. Adventure. Romance.

In the Planning Stages – in no particular order

An Owen Family Novel featuring James Owen
Lies & Secrets: Three Short Stories (A Shenandoah Neighbors Collection)
The third book in the Promised Valley trilogy
Another work in the Men of Haught Springs series

You never know when I might branch off into some surprising genre, like contemporary romance or hard-boiled detective fiction. Keep a close watch!