C.K. Crigger, author of the China Bohannon historical mystery series
“When Marsha Ward presents the reader with a new book about the Owen family, you can bet it will rivet your interest all the way to the end. You can’t help but become totally immersed in the characters’ lives. Spinster’s Folly features oldest daughter Marie, afraid that at eighteen she’s already on the shelf, and only too eager to be wed. Her trouble, and trouble it is, comes in selecting the right man. Charming and earthy, Spinster’s Folly is a grand addition to the Owen’s saga.”

Robert J. Randisi, author and editor
“Marsha Ward must have a door to the past. She steps through it to the Old West, watches, listens, then comes back and writes about it vividly.”

Phyllis Dugan, writer and artist
“Marsha Ward has the ability to grab readers by the lapels, yank them into her stories, and make them care deeply about her characters.”

L.C. Lewis, author of The Dragons of Alsace Farm
“Prepare to be transported to another time . . . another place. Ward’s grasp of western dialect and culture is like a set of old leather reins in her skilled hands, driving her story’s authenticity.”

Joyce DiPastena, author of Courting Cassandry and other Medieval Romances
“Marsha Ward knows how to write smoothly and well in a style that enhances, rather than detracts from the story she is trying to tell. The reader is completely caught up in the story and never jerked out of the world she’s created by awkward or repetitive phrases. She spins an authentic yarn of a good ol’ Western tale. I highly recommend ALL of Marsha Ward’s books!”

Rebecca K. Irvine, author of MTC at Home
“The family/interpersonal relationships were my favorite part of Gone for a Soldier. (Yes, I will forever be a Communications professor!) I loved how the Owen parents sacrificed for their children and how they pulled together in times of difficulty. The pregnancy (and ensuing motherhood) Mary goes through while her husband is away at war was especially touching as she had to reach out to her mother-in-law for assistance. And the love and brotherhood the Owen men had for each other while on the battlefields was heartwarming.”

Gary Svee, two-time Spur Award Winner, and author of The Peacemaker’s Vengeance
“Marsha Ward has one foot in the 21st century and one in the 19th. Her characters hew closely to those wild days, portraying their lives and times. Readers love her for that. Other writers marvel at her use of the most modern of means to present her stories.”

Liz Adair, author of The McCarran Collection
“Marsha’s use of imagery is a treat. For instance: ‘she had slipped from his grasp like quick-silver chased across a tabletop.’ Those of us who grew up before knowledge of mercury poisoning know how hard it is to pick up a dollop of quicksilver. It’s a very elusive metal. Here’s another: ‘Only much later did sleep lay a quilt of blackness over his exhausted body.’ And one last one: ‘with the November sun pouting on the breast of a hazy sky.’ Don’t you love it?”

Daron D. Fraley, author of Son of Liberty
The Man from Shenandoah was a very enjoyable read, and felt quite authentic to the time period. The characters were well done with both vulnerable men and strong women, both of whom grow throughout the story. I don’t normally read western novels, but I would recommend this book for all readers. I look forward to reading the sequel!”

Heidi M. Thomas, author of Cowgirl Up! A History of Rodeo Women
“Marsha Ward’s western novel of love, honor and survival is an exciting ride from beginning to end. From watching his brother marry his fiance to rescuing a Mexican bride when her intended is killed, the story kept me reading with good conflict and plenty of action. Just when I thought things were going a little too smoothly, Marsha throws in an unexpected twist. I recommend Ride to Raton.”

Anne Haw Holt, author of Ten in Texas
The Man from Shenandoah is a book for the whole family to share. It offers action, romance and a realistic premise. . . . Ms. Ward is a true storyteller who has created characters that demand and hold the reader’s interest. . . . Her clear and vivid writing sweeps us along with her characters on their adventures.”

Johnny D. Boggs, multi-Spur Award-winning author
“With a great sense of time and place, crackerjack dialogue and rich characters, Marsha Ward delivers Spinster’s Folly, a romance, Western, and historical novel rolled into one—and one fun read.”

Teresa Henson, Reviewer – Romance Junkies
“I was enthralled, and sitting on the edge of my chair, as I read Ride to Raton. This is an exciting, quick paced, heartwarming, and heartrending story! James and Amparo are wonderfully “real” characters, with the emotions and interactions between them touching my heart. The secondary characters were fantastic: from mean and drunk, to kind and generous, they added extra life—and spice—to the story. The first one of Marsha Ward’s books I’ve read, I am highly impressed. A western in the true sense of the word, yet with plenty of romance, this one is definitely worth your time if you are a lover of westerns or romances, or both.”

Karlene Wells Browning, Reviewer – Book Geek Reviews
“Marsha has a way of writing solid characters, that are true to the habits and customs of their time period, without making them too much of a stretch for our modern sensibilities. She focuses on those emotions and feelings that are true to all humans, regardless of the era of their birth.”

Sharon Oltz Kuhlman, an Illinois reader
“Marsha Ward’s latest book, Gone for a Soldier of The Owen Family Saga series is a well written book of the Civil War era. A story of war, love, and separation of loved ones. Marsha gives a lot of attention to details of the Civil War and it’s a great read. Once you start reading this book it is very hard to put down.”

Carolyn Steele, author of Soda Springs and Willow Springs
“In The Zion Trail, Marsha Ward weaves an intriguing tale of a young man’s journey in faith. From an unexpected beginning in Pennsylvania, Elijah Marshall travels through heartbreak to cross the American plains to claim his purpose in life. While the story illustrates the early history of the LDS church, the message is one of personal triumph through perseverance. The relationships kindled throughout the book lead through unimaginable trials, culminating in a most satisfying resolution that you won’t want to end.”

Amelia C. Adams, author of the Kansas Crossroads series
“Marsha Ward has long since been one of my favorite Western authors. She paints a picture so vivid, I feel as though I’m peeking back in time and catching a glimpse of what life was like a hundred years before I was even born. I highly recommend The Zion Trail and all her other books as well. She is a masterful storyteller.”

Rebecca Shelley, author of the Dragonbound series
“A wonderful book with heartwarming characters. I enjoyed every moment of it.”

Debra Erfert, author of Window of Time, Changes of the Heart, It Takes a Sleuth, and Relative Evil
“Marsha Ward’s genius rises to her highest peak in The Zion Trail, with spot-on period terminology and meticulous attention to detail. It pulled me back to that time when my Fourth-Great-grandfather Edson Whipple, and his family converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and took that Zion trail, and beyond, all because of their faith in Jesus Christ.”

Loralee Evans, author of The Shores of Bountiful and other novels
“Once again, Marsha Ward has woven an exciting historical novel. Elijah Marshall’s adventures, trials, and faith building experiences as he journeys on The Zion Trail will keep readers turning pages until the end!”