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Western Stories: Four Tales of the West - New CoverBusiness is Keeping Me Busy

I’m in the middle of taking a course on business for fiction writers. One of the things I’ve learned is that an Indie Publisher should have many streams of revenue. Here a few sales and there a few sales adds up.

One revenue stream often neglected by Indies is print editions. I’m hearing that I should rectify this situation.

It must be true. Many times I’ve heard one of my friends say, “Well, I’ll buy it when it comes out in print.” Make that two, no, three friends. There must be more who I haven’t heard from.

I’ve always thought, Well, it’s only a novella, and I don’t plan to do it in print. It’s too small.

Always Learning New Stuff

But I’ve learned that nothing is too small for print! Bundling several projects together can make a larger printed product, but it’s a valid idea to have ALL work in print.

So, I’ve taken a bit of time away from writing to do some business “housekeeping.” That is, I’ve been making print editions of a couple of pieces of my work. I will continue to do this in the future.

Today I also uploaded an updated cover for The Man from Shenandoah with the correct Book Number, and will do the same with Spinster’s Folly after TMFS clears the process.

Besides that, I’m toiling over new print editions for the last two of the Owen Family Saga novels, Ride to Raton, and Trail of Storms. Once they are ready to go, I’ll rescind permission for iUniverse to print those books. My relationship with them will then be at an end.

FYI, prices of the print editions for Gone for a Soldier, The Man from Shenandoah, and Spinster’s Folly are going up a dollar each, but Amazon is holding the line with sales at the lower prices. I don’t know how long that will last, however.

In Print Today:

Newly published is a print edition of Western Stories: Four Tales of the West, with a brand new cover! It’s currently available for $6.99 plus shipping and handling from CreateSpace and Amazon, and is coming soon to, the Barnes & Noble online store.

Work continues on a mega print edition of The Complete Owen Family Saga. That has been quite an undertaking. I’ve had to change the font and margins several times in order to keep the book within the page limit for the size. At first, I thought I might have to go up to 8 1/2- x 11-inches, but I figured out a way to keep it at the familiar 6-x 9-inches.

It will be a thick book. The minus is that it has over 400,000 words, so the font size is smaller than I would like. However, it’s going to have that stunning yellow cover. I might do it in the silky-feeling matte cover. The five novels within are in the best reading order. Those are big pluses.

I trust these moves will be good for business.








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From Julia’s Kitchen is in Print!

From Julia's Kitchen: Owen Family CookeryThat’s right. I just pushed the “Approve” button to enable my POD printer to have the files ready when you order the print edition of From Julia’s Kitchen: Owen Family Cookery.

In a few days, the print version will appear on and then on Barnes and, but if you just can’t wait, here’s a link to CreateSpace. The paperback is priced at $6.99 plus shipping.

Here are comments from a couple of peer reviewers about From Julia’s Kitchen: Owen Family Cookery.

“Marsha Ward delivers authenticity and charm with recipes used by her fictional character, Julia. It created a delight of memories of cooking with my grandmother–everything from fruit jelly to lye soap. Well done!”
~Jan Martin, author of Heir of Deceit

“Take a delightful trip back in time with From Julia’s Kitchen, using recipes from character Julia Owen. Delicious, basic, and unique!”
~Debra Erfert, author of A Strange Twist of Fate

Go buy your print copy of From Julia’s Kitchen right now!


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It’s Time for Read an Ebook Week Again!

Read an Ebook Week is an international celebration of ebooks begun nine years ago by author Rita Toews. During this celebration, thousands of authors, publishers and retailers feature free and discounted ebooks to help promote the convenience of e-reading to the world’s readers. Each year, authors who use are the most active participants, and their store features the largest selection of participating titles.

This year’s Read an Ebook Week on runs March 5 – 11, 2017, from one minute past midnight on March 5 Pacific time, and expires at 11:59pm on March 11.

I’m participating in the event again this year, along with a few of my friends. Laurie Lewis is the author of The Dragons of Alsace Farm, and Anna del C. Dye wrote Emerine’s Nightmare.

Stephanie Neilan writes under her own name and also as LeAnn Mathis. Stephanie’s book, Writing and ADHD: Tips to Help Finish Your Novel and Other Writing Projects, is free this week. LeAnn’s books on discount this week are Cursed Corsets (also free), The Cinderella Connection (75% off), Pele, and A Timely Romance. The latter two books are 50% off.

All six of my novels are discounted at 25% off their regular prices, plus I’ve put The Complete Owen Family Saga on sale, as well.

Click here to go to my Profile Page, where you will find a list of my novels.

Use the coupon code RAE25 at checkout for the following discounted items:

The Complete Owen Family Saga
Gone for a Soldier
The Man from Shenandoah
Spinster’s Folly
Ride to Raton
Trail of Storms
The Zion Trail

Clicking on each book title will take you to the individual book. To see the entire list of my books and stories at Smashwords, as well as my biography and an interesting interview, click here for my profile page.

Remember to use the coupon code RAE25 at checkout.

Enjoy reading your ebooks!


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