“I might have a slight bias when it comes to Marsha Ward and anything she writes. You see she’s one of my favorite people. She is the founder of American Night Writers Association, ANWA, as well as the self-publishing queen. Borrowing an old western phrase, Marsha never goes off half-cocked. Everything she does seems to have purpose and intent, from the wordage she uses, to the character building, to the deliberate rise and fall of the story arch and ending-she labors over every placement of the commas and periods. Marsha is calculating, yet sweeter than citrus honey.

“Writing humor into a serious story, and do it exceedingly well, takes talent. Marsha does it splendidly in SPINSTER’S FOLLY.”
~Debra Erfert, author of Relative Evil
Debra’s Windows into Writing Blog, November 16, 2012


“I expect a book to lead me into another world (usually science fiction) and immerse me in its characters.
This year, I made an agreement with myself, that just because I downloaded a book to my Kindle, brought a book home from the library friends’ book sale, or walked out of a retailer with one, I would allow myself the pleasure of not knowing the end if the book was not worthy of my time. Without an easy way to get to the eBook-of-the-night’s cover, the character(s) must vigorously, joyously, walk off the page.

“Marie Owen, in author Marsha Ward’s SPINSTER’S FOLLY, does just that. Marie feels she is on the verge of becoming a spinster and there are few prospects for a decent suitor let alone a match in Colorado Territory, but sometimes, you can’t see what is plainly in front of you.

“Marie is the heroine, yet I recall the first time characters from SPINSTER’S FOLLY waltzed off the page. That they did this in supporting roles made me beg Marsha to be one of her beta-readers. Gems in life are where you find them.

“The bulk of what I read is science fiction. I was easily in my 30s the last time I read a Western, although in my 20s, I read a lot of Louis L’Amour. I found his plots quick and his characters believable. L’Amour was a master of allowing the reader to escape into the magic of another time and place.

“Marsha Ward is a master of allowing the reader to escape into the magic of another time and place.

“SPINSTER’S FOLLY is the 4th in the Owens Family Saga but stands up tall on its own two feet.”
~Carol LaValley, journalist
Stardust in My Pocket blog, November 11, 2012


“I don’t know how many times I’ve delved into reading a highly acclaimed series only to never finish reading more than the first book. All too often, the sequels just don’t live up to the expectations set up from the beginning. Or, the sequels spend so much time rehashing over the background story, I get bored and give up. Not so with award-winning author Marsha Ward’s Owen Family Saga. Her second novel, RIDE TO RATON, elicited a 5-hanky emotional response from this reader. (I was angry for days when Marsha let one of my favorite characters die!) She had me hooked enough to take a chance on her subsequent books and she did not disappoint me.

“Marsha Ward has woven yet another adventurous tale in SPINSTER’S FOLLY. This fourth book in the Owen Family Saga takes the reader on Marie Owen’s magnificent journey of love, forgiveness, patience, and overcoming the odds. Marsha deals with the trauma of abuse and manipulation in a bold, yet sensitive manner.”
~Kari Pike, journalist
Mama Pike Sez blog, November 7, 2012


“I just finished reading, for the second time in about three weeks, Marsha Ward’s manuscript for SPINSTER’S FOLLY. I found it every bit as charming and compelling, if not even more so, the second time through. That woman really knows how to write.

“In many ways she reminds me of Louis L’Amour, in that she begins with action and never lets up. Her characters are well delineated individuals, believable and unforgettable. Pa is a well-intentioned man who enjoys being in control, and believes his word is law. Ma is very much in love with her husband and not afraid of straightening him out. Mrs. Morgan has an over-inflated ego and a sour outlook. The list goes on.

“Her chapters are liberally sprinkled with brief, beautiful descriptions, clever similes such as when ‘Marie’s mind seemed to bubble with imaginings like a pot boiling over on a too-hot stove,’ and unexpected grounding, as in, ‘He sighed, sucking a bean from where it had stuck to his back tooth.’

“She deals with love and marriage relations with verve and Victorian constraint delightfully mixed.

“Best of all, perhaps, she tells her story in conversations, actions, and reactions, not only between humans, but with the horses and cows involved. She paints a picture of the Western frontier that feels right—not easy, but oh, so adventurous.”
~Anna Laurene Liljenquist Arnett, author of Lolly’s Yarn
Facebook profile, August 7, 2012


“Frustrated by her pending arranged marriage to a callous farm boy and confused by feelings for a cowboy in her father’s employ, Marie Owen falls into the arms of a smooth-talking city man whose intentions are anything but honorable. Too late, she realizes her folly and hope fades as the abusive kidnapper she thought she loved drags her far away from home and family. But the cowboy, Bill Henry, follows her cold trail, fighting weariness and weather in a determined effort to save Marie and her reputation. In SPINSTER’S FOLLY, author Marsha Ward spins a suspenseful, fast-paced tale of undeclared love, cowardly deception, and gallant heroism.”
~Rod Miller, Spur Award-winning author