Here is the gorgeous cover for Broken: A Shenandoah Neighbors Story, which is available now to pre-order at your favorite online bookstore. This story will be released on January 19, 2018.

Broken: A Shenandoah Neighbors Story

Broken can be read at any time, but preferably after you have read The Man from Shenandoah, and possibly Spinster’s Folly, just so you know who the characters are. Here’s the description:

Rida Owen didn’t know married life on the Colorado frontier could be so difficult. Nothing in her Catholic upbringing prepared her for long, lonely nights when her husband, Bert, goes drinking. And womanizing. And then comes home to beat her.

Her mother-in-law thinks she’s stuck up when she doesn’t participate in the homestead wash day. Rida only wants to hide her bruises and preserve her marriage.

Then a neighbor from her past stops to say hello and reveals a secret of his own.

A Shenandoah Neighbors story that illuminates a dark corner of the Owen Family universe.

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