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Happy Holidays!

No matter which Holidays you observe at this time of the year, or even none at all, I extend my most Joyous Greetings to you

From all the Characters in the Head of author Marsha Ward, and Me

It’s been a fascinating year for The Characters in My Head and Me, but we couldn’t have made it through the distressing, painful times without loyal readers. Although we didn’t plan for, nor publish, a novel in 2015, it has still been a busy writing year.

The Characters and I plan an ambitious publishing program for the year 2016, beginning in February, with the release of the newest novel, The Zion Trail, in ebook format.

The Zion Trail

Producing a Print Edition of a book eats up a significant amount of my time, effort, and resources, but I like to please my Fans. If I hear from YOU and 49 other Fans that you will purchase a print copy, The Zion Trail will be available in print form later in the year.

Send me an email at with the Subject Line
“Please do a Print Edition of THE ZION TRAIL”
to press your case for a Print Edition of The Zion Trail.

Spread the word, and encourage your friends who also love my books to drop me an email.

The Characters and I look forward to bringing you other exciting projects in the New Year. Follow the word counts at my Writer in the Pines blog. And if you haven’t signed up on my Mailing List yet, there’s a form up there at the right where you can do that so you won’t miss out on a bit of news in the New Year. Yes, it’s the one that talks about getting a free novel! Or click here to subscribe.

As you and I leave 2015 behind and enter the uncharted waters of 2016, I send my thanks and many warm wishes to you and yours. Please make the most of every day, read lots of books, and give the gift of reviews to your favorite authors. May you have bounteous peace and prosperity in the New Year.

Happy Holidays!

Marsha Ward, and the Characters in My Head

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  1. Rachel Ann Nunes

    March 25, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    I really, really love this cover, Marsha!

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