Up here on Rim Country, the Labor Day Weekend is the last hurrah for many “flatlanders,” as we call summer and weekend visitors. 

We can count on traffic jams, with more than one vehicle at a time on the roads. Speeding is a problem, because many of the visitors can’t seem to read. At least they don’t read and observe the 35 mph speed limit on The Loop. 

Worse then that are the under-age golf cart and ATV drivers, who don’t know how to drive the 10 mph limit on the interior roads. Sometimes they are so young they can’t reach the brake pedal. Talk about lack of responsibility on the part of *coughparentscough*.

But Labor Day Weekend also brings certain perks. For example, I attended the local HOA meeting this morning. They fed us lunch afterwards. 

Tonight the LDS Church has a free community barbecue. They provide the steaks, burgers, hotdogs, baked potatoes and corn on the cob. Also the live music. Attendees are invited to bring a side dish or dessert. These affairs are well attended. 

With the blessing of good weather, my neighbors are having a yard sale. There’s quite a range of goodies, including lots of glassware. 

Do you get away on holiday weekends? Remember to observe local speed limits and other laws, and try not to annoy the locals!

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