RTR-pcover-150W“Marsha’s use of imagery is a treat. For instance: ‘she had slipped from his grasp like quick-silver chased across a tabletop.’ Those of us who grew up before knowledge of mercury poisoning know how hard it is to pick up a dollop of quicksilver. It’s a very elusive metal. Here’s another: ‘Only much later did sleep lay a quilt of blackness over his exhausted body.’ And one last one: ‘with the November sun pouting on the breast of a hazy sky.’ Don’t you love it?”

Liz Adair, author of Trouble at the Red Pueblo

“Marsha Ward has long since been one of my favorite Western authors. She paints a picture so vivid, I feel as though I’m peeking back in time and catching a glimpse of what life was like a hundred years before I was even born. I highly recommend The Zion Trail and all her other books as well. She is a masterful storyteller.”

Amelia C. Adams, author of the Kansas Crossroads series