“THE MAN FROM SHENANDOAH was a very enjoyable read, and felt quite authentic to the time period. The characters were well done with both vulnerable men and strong women, both of whom grow throughout the story. I don’t normally read western novels, but I would recommend this book for all readers. I look forward to reading the sequel!”

Daron D. Fraley, author of Son of Liberty

RTR-pcover-150W“Marsha Ward’s western novel of love, honor and survival is an exciting ride from beginning to end. From watching his brother marry his fiance to rescuing a Mexican bride when her intended is killed, the story kept me reading with good conflict and plenty of action. Just when I thought things were going a little too smoothly, Marsha throws in an unexpected twist. I recommend RIDE TO RATON.”

Heidi M. Thomas, author of Cowgirl Up! A History of Rodeo Women