Blood at Haught Springs web 250W 05072016Blood at Haught Springs
Men of Haught Springs #1

Wes Haught wants his brother to grow up and tend to his share of the chores at the family’s general store. Lonnie Haught dreams of the day he can leave home and use his gun. Both brothers resent the added work their father’s recent accident has laid on them.

When a new family arrives in Haught Springs, Wes falls for the fair-haired daughter, while Lonnie seizes upon the father’s offer of a job as his chance for escape.

But lies unravel and lives hang in the balance as brother fights against brother.

Fiery emotions and vengeful acts erupt in a smoldering new Western adventure novella from the author of the acclaimed Owen Family Saga.

Two bonus short stories are included in this book: Cottonwood Cowboys and No More Strangers.

Haught Springs, Texas: a rowdy frontier town bursting at the seams with action, adventure, and intrigue. Join me in a new world of hard-working, rough and tumble men who sometimes aren’t exactly who or what they seem to be.

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